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  • Eugene Robinson
    Eugene Harold Robinson is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist and the former assistant managing editor of The Washington Post. Wikipedia
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  • Eugene Robinson
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    EUGENE ROBINSON uses his twice-weekly column in The Washington Post to pick American society apart and then put it back together again in unexpected, and revelatory, new ways. To do this job of demolition and reassembly, Robinson relies on a large and varied tool kit: energy, curiosity, elegant...



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Jeralean Talley in her younger days,


Kimberly P. Mitchell/DFP
Jeralean Tallley was born May 23, 1899 and now lives in Inkster. At 113 years of age, she is the oldest living person in the United States and the third oldest in the world. She was born in Montrose, Ga. and moved to Michigan in 1935. She has one daughter, 75 year old Thelma Holloway.

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