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  • Don't just sit there and complain, do something. And remember, it's up to you to make the change, to do something different. The world doesn't owe you anything. You have to create it...... XOXO ;~)


Just finished watching Iron Man 3 w/ Enzo, Lala, Jocelyn, Jacque, Karen, John & Lui — at Glorieta 4, Ayala Cinemas Makati. (22 photos)


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be-lated happy bornday te beth ! nakalagay sa newsfeed cu naun mu . Khapun pala ! :)

Beyonce's  new   nickname  in  FOIA'd   inauguration docs: ‘(B)(6)’

You know her as Beyonce, BK or simply Queen Bey, but it seems the feds have their own special name for her, according to just-released documents from her inauguration lip-sync controversy.

The Love of a Frog Mom . Buti pa ang palaka my isip -_- kesa sa ibang nanay na walang magawa kundi saktan ang anak o di kaya ipa-abort . PLEASE SHARE *

Pa ADD po ako d po ako snob ~> Lil'saint Shadx

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Host: Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson :

Welcome to our weekly discussion -- as usual, a venue for solving all the problems of the world. President Obama just finishd a wide-ranging news conference in which he touched on just about every subject imaginable. (But I know this group will come up with a few he missed.) Today's column, for reference, was about Syria. Those yelling "do something" ought to specify what the president should do. I can't think of any U.S. military action that makes sense -- or that doesn't threaten to make a bad situation worse. Others may disagree, but please be specific. Meanwhile, of course, there's continuing fallout from the Boston bombings, along with a host of other news. Such as, for example, NBA player Jason Collins' decision yesterday to come out as gay. Let's get started.

2013 Kentucky Derby draw

Orb is the early 7-2 favorite. Check out all of the odds, post positions, Andrew Beyer’s analysis and more.


Obama moving toward sending lethal arms to Syrian rebels, officials say

Obama moving toward sending lethal arms to Syrian rebels, officials say

President wants to assert more aggressive U.S. leadership among allies seeking Assad’s ouster.