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  • What "xo xo" means??

    keira beth (xoxo)

    I'm guessing it means something like "kisses and hugs"..but can you tell me in more detailes
    *feel embarrassed*
    . Ur rite it *IS* hugs and kisses but ur rite it DOES have a little more meaning's "keira beth"Gossip Girls' way of saying goodbye and it signifies the end of the episode...when the episode ends she does just say's XOXO "Keira Beth"Gossip Girls'...lmao it's their signature and it defines the show lol
    Laura Marie Jacobs
    Dirt roads (: — with Chelsea LeAnn Cribb and Patrick Cribb.
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    AbercrombieGirl said:
    Yeah it's hugs and kisses but It has an explanation. Someone told me something that it was like your lips got in a shape of an "X" when you kissed someone(that are the x's)and that when you hugged someone it was your HANDS in shape of an "O", it was something like that, I don't remember it well :P
    PS:And yeah, it is the signature of Gossip Girl aka keira beth.
    xoxo! lol

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